Inside the nonprofit sector

in Schools, Trinity College

“Inside the Nonprofit Sector” was a class I just simply could not miss out on. It had all in one everything that I wanted to know about the theoretical background of the American philanthropy, the financial and public policy background of the sector and I finally got some answers to the some old questions, e.g.: why do american people donate and volunteer a lot more than other first-world nations in Europe with a longer history? I was always amazed by the enthusiasm and encouragement that supported idealists in the United States and sometimes real change could be brought to the world through it. At the same apart from the romanticized “American Dream”-like success stories it was very eye-opening to  learn about the institutional structure, the laws and financial  regulations that keep the nonprofit sector running in the system.

Official description of the course:

“This course will provide students with a firm grounding in the role of the nonprofit sector (also called the independent, third, or voluntary sector) in American public policy and community life. Topics to be studied include: the nature and role of the nonprofit sector; what makes the nonprofit sector distinctive; current challenges facing the nonprofit sector; the role of foundations and other sources of philanthropic giving; and assessment of the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.”

For this class I wrote my final paper on how differently the US and the EU deals with their youth and young volunteers.

Nonprofit sectors