Pedro Bonilla

My name is Pedro Bonilla.  I am a Mexican-American student attending Trinity College.  I chose Trinty because I was under a scholarship process called the Posse scholarship and was granted with this and given the opportunity to attend Trinity College.  It required many interviews with the coordinators and Trinity representatives.  My major is in religion with a primary focus on Islam.  The Islamic courses I have taken inquired me to challenge my writing and understanding of the religion associated with politics, economics, philosophy, etc.  I have acquired analytical and critical thinking skills, public speaking skills, and, ultimately, an appreciation of the religions that I have learned.

My greatestPedro Bonilla strength is challenging the system by questioning.  In other words, thinking comprehensively of different ways with approaching a situation; for example, questioning and understanding an individual’s stance on Muslims who lost a family member in 9/11.  One may approach this situation at an emotional level and not question the victim’s family, but to have a clear comprehension, one must question to understand the alternatives of a given situation.  This will help me be successful because I plan on pursuing a legal career at which this strength enables me to understand the basis of a crime as well as the victim’s, witness’, or lawyer’s approach.

In regards to my accomplishments, I am a Posse scholar and a Gates Millennium Scholar.  These scholarships are the opportunities that aspire me to pursuing my education.  Also, I am a Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) mentee in which I am exposed to law and gain skills and assistance with my academics from lawyers and judges.  In addition, throughout high school, I was given the Advanced Honors Regents Diploma with the CTE endorsement and am certified in the following engineering fields:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)- 30Hrs (2015)
  • ETA Digital Systems Module Certificate (2015)
  • ETA AC Electronics Module Certificate (2014)
  • ETA DC Electronics Module Certificate (2013)
  • Fiber-Optics Networking Cabling Certificate (2015)
  • Audio/Visual Home Entertainment Certificate (2014)
  • Copper Based Networking Cabling Certificate (2013)

Hence, I plan on attending law school after college to pursue my legal career as a family attorney, dealing with domestic violence and paternity cases.  I give credit to my parents for inspiring to augment my knowledge as there were unfortunate to not ever attend school. Their experiences in Mexico and here motivate me to continue my education and set a career path.