My name is Emily Barstow and I am a senior at Trinity College. The opportunities that my college experience has presented has broadened my mind, but also my personal self. The ability to critically look at the next assignment building on advice from the first has taught me to grow.

Additionally, I have found the confidence to balance asking for help, and self-motivation and achievement. There have been assignments that at first I deemed impossible, but was able to complete. These times have strengthened my ability to have faith in myself.

My role as student worker in the College Events Office has taught me a variety of things, both about myself and about communication and management skills. College Events works closely with the president, catering, communications, buildings and grounds, and plenty other offices. The amount of elasticity and communication it takes to put on an event was and still is a huge learning opportunity. I’ve helped work behind the scenes.

The job made me feel very useful in the community that I was spending all of my time. I have learned about the college in ways that I would never have experienced had it not been for the job. This has made me fully appreciate the institution. Between courses and my job, I have grown immensely through out my college experience.