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My name is Hart Gliedman and I am a current Junior at Trinity College.  I chose to attend Trinity because it afforded me an amazing opportunity.  Not only am I able to pursue my passion of playing basketball on the collegiate level, but also I am able to do so while receiving a world-class education. One of my biggest strengths as a person is my ability to adapt to many different situations, which I believe I have been able to develop through athletics. Growing up as an athlete, I played on countless teams consisting of individuals from many different backgrounds.  A team setting allows you to work very closely with all of the other members in order to be successful.  The skill that I need to continue to work on and develop in order to become a more successful Trinity student would be my organization.  However, I believe this portfolio class has given me an opportunity to not only help with my organizational skills, but to recognize that I needed improvement in that area to begin with.

This portfolio provides an opportunity to show who I am as a student and person.  Enjoy!1466201_10201272606039012_605874178_n