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My name is Haley Ray Thompson and I am a first-year student at Trinity College from the heart of Chicago, just about a mile from Wrigley Field.

Growing up in the city has been an important part of my life and has shaped me into who I am today. Chicago is a very diverse city so I have learned to appreciate different cultures and to interact with people from incredibly different backgrounds. The city has also taught me to be independent. From a young age I took the public buses and trains to school and my friends’ houses. I also learned to thoroughly enjoy going out to eat and public transportation has taken me to some of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

Chicago has also given me the opportunity to be a Posse Scholar. I was part of the 5% of Chicagoland students that received the Posse Scholarship. Posse is a full-tuition leadership scholarship aiming to diversify the faces of leaders throughout not only our country, but also our world. Through being a Posse Scholar I have strengthened my leadership skills and now feel entirely comfortable facilitating various workshops on social issues.

Being from Chicago and having the opportunity of being a Posse Scholar has had a tremendous positive effect on my life, and I cannot wait to continue my education at Trinity College.