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I like to think my life is built on four main categories: academic, professional, athletic, and community.  I am a member of the Trinity College Class of 2017 and intend to be a biology major with a spanish minor.  Attending a prestigious college like mine will prepare me for life after school and for employment opportunities to come.  After Trinity, I am striving to attend graduate school and to become a physicians assistant.

In addition to my academic dedications, I am a part of the Trinity College Women’s Soccer team.  My team, my coaches, and playing a sport in general helps maintain a balanced collegiate lifestyle.  Playing soccer and being part of a team dynamic teaches me lessons like time management, discipline, and leadership, which I apply to all aspects and challenges in life.

Community Service has always been very important to my family.  There is no better feeling than helping others in need.  I have participated in community service projects from places close to home like the New Haven Soup Kitchen, to far away countries like the Thai Elephant Conservation Camp in Thailand.  Wherever I am I stay involved because enriching the community instills values of leadership, humbleness, and a sense of global awareness that one would not receive otherwise.