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Having earned a liberal arts college degree, I believe that the most important thing that I have gained from my experience at Trinity is my ability to work with others.

Given that I have always been a naturally competitive person that is willing to learn and do the things necessary to better myself, my liberal arts education with an emphasis on writing and communicating has given me the right tools to strive in the workplace, regardless of the respective field.

My main goal as I begin my professional career is to continue to foster my skills as a team player in the workplace, and to not only work with others in a constructive fashion, but to learn from them in a constructive way as well.

Through both my successes as an athlete in squash and tennis, as well as my successes academically, my hunger to compete in a competitive business world combined with my keen sense of the ideals of teamwork, make me the ideal candidate for most any job: a truly competitive, yet team player.

It is my belief that by promoting my teamwork skills early on in my career, this will effectively pave the way for being able to develop the skills and relationships that will ultimately shape a path towards earning a leadership position in a career that I truly love.