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My name is Olivia Tapsall and I am a sophomore at Trinity college. I am currently on the field hockey team and plan on majoring in political science.

I have been playing field hockey since I was eight years old and it has taught me time management as well as problem solving.When in any group activity there are bound to be clashing personalities and field hockey has taught me to solve conflict amongst team members. Additionally, I have strengthened my leadership skills through playing sports.

Political sciences are very interesting to me because of the relationship between types of government and the amount of power countries have. This interest originally came about when I traveled to China for a month to work at an orphanage. We traveled around eastern China and saw iconic sites like the Great wall of China and we walked around Tiananmen square. The atmosphere at the square sparked my interested in comparing a communist country to a democratic one. I was also interested in the steps the Chinese government takes to keep citizens from using certain websites and the one child policy.

I am currently in a comparative politics class in which we explore the differences and similarities in success rate of countries based on style of government. in the future I would like to explore different countries and study their governments successes in the well being of the citizens as well as economic progress.