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Qualitative and literary analysis

  My ability to analize data in survey and graph form increased in the Public Policy class I took Sophomore Fall. I am able to come to conclusions about research that has been done previously through looking at surveys and graphs. the two samples attached show the conclusions I am able to make through qualitiative… Read More

Experiencing the history of China

While in China there were many sightseeing opportunities that were rich with historical significance. The experience in China led to my interest in learning the history more in-depth. I took Chinese history second semester freshman year to focus on the history more throughly and learn about the stages the country went through before embracing Communism… Read More

Analysis of Scholarly Article

In this writing sample I analize a complicated article on state-making and war-making. I break it down into the question, argument, evidence and critique. The critique is the real level of analysis in which I am free to voice the opinions and argue against the author and his article… Read More