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Community Involvement

Greenwich Academy Coaching

Throughout high school and the summer before going to college I have volunteered to coach elementary and middle school children in lacrosse. the clinics were open to children from my high school (it was k-12) and to children who lived in greenwich. Working with children from ages seven to twelve has helped me see the… Read More

Fairfield County United

I have been involved in FCU since it was founded in 2004. I have played on the club field hockey team since it began. Since junior year of high school I have been involved in the coaching aspect as well as playing. For the past two summers I have helped coach the twelve and under… Read More

Involvement in Hartford Community

ESF Dream Camp I have recently started working at a local after school program four days a week. The point of the program is to provide children with help in homework and playing with others while their parents are at work. The camp is for elementary school children in the East Hartford area. the impact that… Read More