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Experiencing the history of China

While in China there were many sightseeing opportunities that were rich with historical significance. The experience in China led to my interest in learning the history more in-depth. I took Chinese history second semester freshman year to focus on the history more throughly and learn about the stages the country went through before embracing Communism… Read More

Experiencing cultural shock in China

Being in China for a month was definitely a culture shock for me. I was interesting to experience the people of China and compare their everyday lives to that of a US citizen. I found that the type of government in China had a huge effect on the feel around tourist area, namely in Tiananmen… Read More

Culture Shock within Lifeworks

I traveled to China with a volunteer program called Lifeworks the summer before my arrival at Trinity.  The program was available to teenagers internationally. The program involved leadership building, working with local disabled children and experiencing Chinese culture through sightseeing. The variety of backgrounds of the volunteers provided a multi-cultural feel to the entire trip… Read More