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Greenwich Academy Coaching

Throughout high school and the summer before going to college I have volunteered to coach elementary and middle school children in lacrosse. the clinics were open to children from my high school (it was k-12) and to children who lived in greenwich.

Working with children from ages seven to twelve has helped me see the difference in development and how to resolve conflicts in different age groups in different stages of development.

I have also learned patience as well as communication. I am able to get what I am trying to teach across with in a fast and simple fashion to ensure that the children I am coaching understand what is going on.

In teaching little girls there are bound to be conflicts among them, so i have become efficient in solving their quarrels and getting back to the game of lacrosse.

I have played lacrosse since second grade and stopped playing when I reached college level.

*how do you go about resolving problems that arise during the session?*