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Time management, leadership, problem-solving

I have been playing field hockey for the majority of my life and have continued to play for Trinity College. It has helped me learn to work with people who have different opinions on what will achieve the most and come to a common opinion of the best way to reach the furthest goal.

Working with different types of people has led me to keep others opinions in mind instead of dismissing them.I have taken three classes in psychology and the concepts within these classes have helped me realize the origins of a persons opinion and how best to disagree or agree with the least amount of backlash.

Field hockey has also assisted me in me time management skills. With practice or a game everyday except for Sunday I have learned to get my work done at a reasonable time in order to turn it in on time. Recently, I have started to work at an afterschool program for local elementary school children, which lasts about the same amount of time as field hockey practice. This has helped me keep my time management in check while I am out of season as well.

Both working and playing hockey have provided me with the skill of taking what an authority figure suggests and implementing it. Within field hockey the implementations are much more specific, but I am able to complete them with the amount of time and effort I have out into the sport as a whole.

Additionally, I have learned when it is appropriate to be a leader as well as a follower. This knowledge sparked through experiencing many different coaching styles as well as having clashing personalities on various teams.