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Experience with disabled children

When in China I volunteered at an orphanage for mentally an physically disabled children called Little Flower. The orphanage came about after the One Child Policy was put into place. the organization developed when the was a surge in abandoned disabled children throughout China.

While working in the orphanage I learned how to take care of infants who did not need much special treatment and also learned how to care for the hospice children who needed consistent attention.

While in China there were opportunities for volunteers to work the graveyard shift at the orphanage because of the constant care that the infants and the more severely disabled children needed. I worked the graveyard shift three out of the four times we were given the opportunity.

This experience was like nothing I had ever done before. It increased my education in child development and care. Additionally, it allowed me to mentally compare the differences in the US and Chinese adoption systems and appreciate the housing and the organization involved in adoption in the US.


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