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  1. I enjoyed learning about how personality and the media shape perceived risks and benefits of E-cigarettes. I found this topic to be relevant for college students. I thought it was interesting how ADHD symptoms and ENDS use did not correlate. Additionally, I appreciated the use of graphics to show data and the color scheme. Nice work!

  2. It was really useful to be able to see numeric associations between personality, media, and ENDs products use, as well as the thematic analysis. I thought the analysis of gender and greek life were also important. I too was surprised with the lack of ADHD correlation and believe that to be an important additional finding. Great work!!

  3. Informing people of potential misinformation in the media/ their misinterpretation of the media is an important way to make people more aware of where they find their news sources and how they perceive them. Bringing awareness to the different personality types and conditions that makes someone more prone to vaping also allows them to be more cautious when approaching it. Great job!

  4. I think the questions you raised in your study are really important ones and this is a super relevant topic for college students today. I thought it was really interesting that more impulsive students are likely to become dependent on ENDS products. I also really like the visual representation of your project! Nice work

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