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  1. I think your findings are very important in that they highlight that peer use is the reason many individuals begin using ENDS products however, its continued use is not due to interpersonal motivation but rather because it becomes a stress relief. Your study and the implications are critical! Great job!!

  2. I think that this particular research project was much needed and has significant value during this time. Your emphasis on peer pressure and societal expectations draws light to why nicotine use has rapidly shot up in the past few years. Your findings are important because they can help figure out a way to decrease vaping. Awesome work!

  3. In a time where vaping and ENDS use is becoming much more prevalent amongst students and even adults, it is essential to identify the causes of why people being to use them in the first place. I wonder how much a school’s regional location would affect the results found (if a college located in the west coast or another geographical region for example, would show different results). Nice work!

  4. Considering our current adolescent environment, I think your findings are important to our world today! Understanding that peer use is the reason many individuals begin using ENDS products is essential in learning how to stop adolescent vape use. Great work!

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