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  1. Great work, Madison! Very interesting topic and important implications from your results when we think about treatment for those struggling with mental health.

  2. Amazing job, Madison! This was such an interesting topic and I really enjoyed learning more about it. It makes sense that implementing peer mentors would increase levels of hope and sense of recovery. I though it was especially interesting that those with bipolar and psychosis scored significantly higher on the recovery assessment than those with depression and anxiety and wonder why this could be.

  3. Great job with your thesis Madison! Not only did you choose a topic that is obviously a true passion of yours, but you also chose a topic that can ultimately make a difference in someone’s life.

    One question that I have for you is what exactly are peer mentors doing with patients? Is is more of a discussion based relationship or activity based? This is something I wondered as I was listening to your presentation.

  4. Madison, well done with your thesis! I think this is a very important topic to further research, especially when we look at interventions for adolescents. Your results show that we must consider this option be more effective when determining treatment. Overall, great work!

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