Diverse vs Homogeneous

    The article overall was very interesting and provided clear evidence to support the argument. Along with it being a well written article it was quite interesting to see the statistics of the studies. The article definitely makes a clear and compelling argument, I do agree with their findings and I do think that it can be applied to the military.

    The article as a whole was very well put together. Throughout the test I fully understood what the authors were trying to get across. Not only were their points about teams with diversity; whether it be gender, sex or race, they backed it up with numerous statistics from multiple studies. It was very clear throughout the article that having a diverse team results in a better performance. The authors made very clear that a diverse team bring up more facts and reviews them more carefully as well as decision making is improved. The authors of this article made a crystal clear and compelling argument throughout the article.

    Personally, before I read this article I thought that combining different kinds of thinking and bringing diversity to a team can greatly improve the team. The difference in minds makes sure that all ways and things are thought of, and the diversity brings adversity which overall brings the team closer as a whole. So in a nutshell, I do agree with the findings of the article. My previous standing were brought on by football but now with the article there are facts and numbers that provide a very stable foundation for the argument being made in this article. The business teams with a diverse team were fifty-eight percent more likely to price stocks more accurately. This is just one of multiple facts that strengthen my belief in the argument.

    Although the article refers to corporate companies, I think that the overall message of diverse teams produce better results can relate to the military. Disregarding the problems with co-ed units in the military, if diverse teams lead to better decision making, more accurate decision making and looking at the facts carefully. Then this can certainly be applied to decisions made in the military. Who wouldn’t want some of the most powerful teams in the world, to be better at decision making overall when lives are on the line. For this fact alone I think this article can be applied to the military in all forms of decision making, whether it be engineering related, combat related or anything else that may come across the military’s plate.

The article as a whole was a very interesting read with very real world applications for the findings. The question at hand about diverse teams vs homogeneous teams is a great argument to test and to make. Throughout the article the authors made their argument very clear and compelling due to the backing up with facts and statistics. I do agree with the argument at hand, I did before reading this article and all the article did was strengthen my belief in the argument. Lastly, I do think that this article can be very well applied to the military.

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