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  • What honors or awards have you received?
  • Are you a member of any clubs? Do you do volunteer work somewhere?
  • What does life after Trinity ideally have in store for you?

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Journalism and Social Media

For my event, I looked into the Syrian refugee crisis. I found a video on by a person with the username Kurzgesagt. Personally, I have not heard of this user before so it makes me a little skeptical as to how valid the information was, however they do post all of the sources they…

Primary Research

I used the American Fact Finder Database They gather their information through the Census It was created in 2014 The overall database has a multitude of categories that they do research on. However it is all data that the collected is only that of the Census. The example that I chose was a closer look…

Conducting Scholarly Research in Political Science

The two databases that I have used the most throughout my career at trinity as a political science major have been the Project Vote SmartĀ and Project Muse. Project Vote Smart has been extremely helpful in many aspects of my political science research, specifically trying to find different statistics on voting and politicians. Project Muse has…

Homework Feb. 12

For this assignment, I would suggest the readers guide because it has many books to search online. As for the book that could be found in the library, I would suggest Thought Reform and the psychology of thought totalism: a study of brainwashing in China. To find this book, I used the key word brainwashing…