Conducting Scholarly Research in Political Science

The two databases that I have used the most throughout my career at trinity as a political science major have been the Project Vote Smart and Project Muse. Project Vote Smart has been extremely helpful in many aspects of my political science research, specifically trying to find different statistics on voting and politicians. Project Muse has been helpful because it gives journal articles relating to many topics. I prefer project vote smart however because in my research it usually has given me much more relevant information to what my research has related to.

My topic was income inequality and the keywords that I used were income inequality, race, generation, health, age, urban and suburban.

2 articles:

Income Inequality and Intergenerational Income Mobility in the United States and for project vote smart I looked up the president to get an understanding of his views on the topic.

I chose this topic to research because for my senior seminar, I will be writing a research paper on the income inequality gap between whites and minorities. For Project Muse, I typed the keywords Income inequality and race into the search bar. I narrowed it down first be relevance then by the most recent articles. I chose the article Income inequality and intergenerational income mobility because it was one of the most relevant to my search and because it pertains to one specific part of the research I will be looking into for my paper and that is how money is moved between generations and how that has affected thee income gap. Since project vote smart does not have any articles, but is a very reliable source for information, I used that to search President Obama. from there I was able to look at his voter history to see what he has voted on to help reduce the gap (i.e. taxes, economy). This information allows me to draw conclusions how he has tried to help this income gap. Using these two websites and more specifically these two articles, I was able to get information that will be extremely useful in my research paper, and I will continue to use these databases to try to further my research.


Bloome, Deirdre, and Bruce Western. “Cohort Change and Racial Differences in Educational and Income Mobility”. Social Forces 90.2 (2011): 375–395. Web…