Journalism and Social Media

For my event, I looked into the Syrian refugee crisis. I found a video on by a person with the username Kurzgesagt. Personally, I have not heard of this user before so it makes me a little skeptical as to how valid the information was, however they do post all of the sources they use in their bio which makes it more reputable. The video was recapping the crisis in simple terms so that it was easier to understand. Since they were just saying facts it does not appear that they were a first hand witness to any of these events. After viewing the video and looking at their sources, it is hard to tell their political affiliation. If I had to take a guess it would be leaning liberal but they did not skew the information that would clearly give that away. It is clear that the people who posted the video are rather well informed, however I would not put them on a scholarly level. They simple took information and put it in a manner which makes it easy for regular people to understand. They did not dive that deeply into the information.


Next I looked at a traditional news source, the New York Times, through the National News Core database. Compared to social media outlets, the traditional news outlets do present the information very differently. First off, it is very difficult to find straight up statistics on this event through traditional sources. I had trouble finding a source that was as specific to what was actually going on with the crisis over the newspapers. The youtube video clearly laid out the facts as well as a brief history as to why things are the way they are all in a short 6 minute video. I would agree that traditional news sources are more authoritative because they are simply more credible. With many social media outlets it is unclear how qualified the person presenting the information (obviously there are scholars that can report on the information but anyone can post to social media so their voices are not always heard). I would say that traditional sources are best for academic purposes, but a combination of both would lead to a more well rounded argument. If someone wants to get quick information social media could be an outlet for that, but for scholarly information that is worded in a more academic manner, traditional sources are the way to go.