Primary Research

  1. I used the American Fact Finder Database
  2. They gather their information through the Census
  3. It was created in 2014
  4. The overall database has a multitude of categories that they do research on. However it is all data that the collected is only that of the Census. The example that I chose was a closer look at the data collected specifically relating to employment status, commuting to work, occupation, industry, income and benefits, class of worker, health insurance coverage, and percentage of families and people whose income in the past 12 months is below the poverty level.
  5. I opened the website and typed in Connecticut, from there I clicked the link that said that it covered all of those subjects and it took me right to the table. This would be considered primary research because the census is a collection of all data of the population and details about the individuals. Since it is done by the government, it automatically becomes a primary source.