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Sarah Duffy

Hello! My name is Sarah Duffy and I am a first year student at Trinity College. I chose Trinity because I loved the sense of community that the campus offered. It was also very important to me to attend a college that offered a lot of resources that students can utilize beginning in their very first year that can help them chose a career.  I looked at many small liberal arts schools like this, but Trinity was always my top choice.

I believe that I have a strong sense of leadership and commitment to any task that is put in front of me. I am very self motivated and dependable, which I believe are key components in being a team player. In order to develop into a successful Trinity student, I am eager to learn how to transform myself into a well-spoken public speaker, as well as how to better my organizational skills. Both of these will be very helpful in my life after Trinity.

In the past I have been very involved in volunteer and community service work, from 4-H club, to an Appalachia Service Project (2013), to volunteering in an orphanage in Romania (2012). These experiences were eye opening and humbling, but more importantly, inspired me to continue to work closely with my community and reach out to help others in any way I can.

At Trinity, I am involved in Best Buddies, which is an on campus organization that helps raise money for children and adults with mental and social disabilities. Best buddies also makes an effort to visit and hold social events for “Buddies” or people within the program who have these disabilities. Being involved in this club is very important to me because I have a twin brother, Michael, with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a sub category of autism. Best buddies gives me an opportunity to spend time with and help people like Michael.

I am also a member of Relay for Life on campus. Relay is an organization that plans events, advertises, and raises money for people who are battling, or lost a loved one to cancer. During the first meeting, every member stood in front of the group and answered the question “Why do you relay?” or in other words, “Why did you decide to become apart of this club?” My answer was very simple, I relay for my dad who in 2011 won his battle against Leiomyosarcoma, a relatively rare form of cancer that is seen in smooth muscle tissue. His courage and strength is truly inspiring to me and I love being apart of a club that can help people like him.

I am a coxswain on Trinity’s Women’s Crew team. I rowed throughout high school, and decided to cox in the fall of 2014. The transition wasn’t easy, and I am still learning more and more every day. Coxing requires a tremendous amount of patience, leadership, accuracy, and quick decision-making. My biggest takeaway from being apart of the rowing team is the amazing leadership, teamwork, and companionship demonstrated throughout the team, from the seniors to the first year students.

Life after Trinity ideally will consist of getting a job that I enjoy, buying or renting an apartment and becoming completely financially dependent. I hope to continue volunteer work and have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of people in my community. Most importantly, after I graduate Trinity I hope to have a well balanced knowledge about culture, relations, and the world around me, and have the ability and confidence to think critically about situations and problems I am faced with in the future.