Letter to the Community RE: Churchill Club

Dear Members of the Community,

This has been a long and arduous process in which the SGAhas done its best to make this decision fairly and though we don’t all agree; we have each done our best to come to this conclusion for the sake of the students of Trinity College.

Working within the call of our constitution as stated in Article 2 Section 4, “The SGA shall act upon the views of the Student Body in an appropriate manner, as determined by the SGA” and we have done our best to do so.

Our process has been rigorous and thorough, including open meetings and town halls, and making ourselves personally available for conversation via email and anonymously through our suggestions box.

Through all of this, the rationale we have collected for our vote is as follows:

  • Many students from a wide variety of communities within our campus have come forward to share their discomfort with this club being approved. By the power of our constitution in Article 5, Subsection 1, Letter C, Number 8, “Take steps deemed necessary and proper for the Student Body’s general welfare”, we acknowledge the concerns of students about this club and its rhetoric;
  • The Churchill Club has, during the process of requesting approval, referred to members of the community in degrading terms, including but not limited to calling concerned students “militant;”
  • The Advisor of the Churchill Club has threatened members of the Trinity College Student Body with legal action, curbing the rights of those students to exhibit free speech.

We do recognize that the club completed all of the steps regarding approval, but for the reasons stated above, at this time, the Trinity College Student Government Association denies the Churchill Club proposal for approval as an SGArecognized organization.

We would like to reiterate that this in no way impacts their ability to organize themselves on campus and discuss their thoughts on Western Philosophy, but, at this time, do not recognize them as an SGA sanctioned organization.

We would also like to recognize that the divide in our community cannot be attributed to the Churchill Club, these issues are part of a greater discussion that needs to be had in order to bring our community together.

As we approach next semester, the SGA aims to play an active role in addressing the larger issue of campus climate our campus faces. We appreciate the contributions and support of our fellow students as we strive to do so, and we look forward to continuing these conversations with the common goal of making this campus an inclusive and diverse home for us all.

All the best,

Lexi Zanger, VP of SGA and Trinna Larsen, President-Elect

Further inquiries about the process or decision made can be directed to the SGA via email.

This was an email sent to the community on April 29th, 2019