Drawing a straight line with a pencil and ruler has always been a challenge for me. Exploring art is a way for me to expand my knowledge and stretch my comfort zone while encouraging a more creative side.

self portrait

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I have never claimed to be photogenic.  In fact, avoiding photographs is somewhat of a talent for me. With an assignment of self-portrait imposed on me, I tried to create a reflection of my public perception and private reflection. The assignment was for a single piece but I wanted something a little more personal. I used a […]

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still life

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When professor Byrne reviewed the concept of painting a still life he mentioned that master painters would spend hours upon hours perfecting the set-up before painting.  I now understand why.  Creating a small studio in my dining area, I toyed with the set-up of this still life for hours; photographing, manipulating, adding and subtracting until I […]

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master study

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Given a selection of photos to choose from for my master study, I chose a piece by Edward Hopper.  I like this piece  not only because of the content but because of the calmness this peace invoked in me. Placing a grid over the photo helped me execute stage one and stage two of this […]

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still life studies

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My adventure into still life painting started a little rough because it was my first experience with trying to create tones and shapes. However, with a little coaching, I was able to execute key elements of light and dark and geometric shape.  I’m especially proud that the objects are identifiable which was a surprise to me.  Learning  tonal qualities for cool and […]

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color grids

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These color grids are a result of one of my first projects.  Aside from an interior wall or two, I had never painted before.  My challenge, beyond a new vocabulary, was to explore what happened when oils are blended, mixed or changed in value or tone…or both.          

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