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Some wonderful things about a small Liberal Arts college are the quality of curriculum and the faculty that walks a line of success with you. As a psychology major, the curriculum is challenging and well-rounded and the professors are very supportive.

Highlights of classes that have inspired me, along with samples of work, are part of my journey.


If walls could talk, what would they say to you? Would they complain about changing times and houses are not made the way they used to though they are happy you came along. Would they say You’re a crappy owner because there an opossum living in the walls for months and you haven’t noticed; you […]

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Today is the first day I am cold. Really cold. The down-to-my-bones cold that can’t be shaken off with a steamy shower or a trip to the tanning salon; where people bake slowly to a golden brown like the outside of a marshmallow over a campfire before it bursts into a flaming black ball. The […]

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love, hate, amazing; words used meaninglessly. made-up words embraced; Google as a verb. effect or affect, farther or further; elicit some illicit confusion. words that hurts; goodbye. words can heal; sorry. crap is my favorite; it used to be suck; fuck caused disapproval. ass can be funny; ass can be provocative; ass can be a […]

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words that I want to send to you – I love you – – Marry me – burn in the light-years between thought and sound you are on a different planet looking for space – Stay with me – – Love me – catch in my throat and communication signals fail only silence keep us […]

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Blurred images of a hazy future glitters from afar; what will I be relentless heat rises; making my skin shrivel in the barren air while fine sand slips between my toes; avoiding quicksand of life that pulls me down determined to find a sanctuary I look under rocks to find hidden wells; a cooling pool […]

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eportfolio pilot program

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When the opportunity to create an ePortfolio I jumped at the chance.  One of 18 students, I view the ePortfolio as an opportunity to document my hard work as well as learn a new skill.  This will be a work in progress and my goal is to update it periodically to reflect my career at […]

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creative writing

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I write for work and thought this course would help hone my writing skills.  As an introduction to imaginative writing, concentrating on the mastery of language and creative expression it certainly help me explore language and new writers and genres.   I wrote poetry weekly and critiqued others.  I went to my first reading and enjoyed […]

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