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Some wonderful things about a small Liberal Arts college are the quality of curriculum and the faculty that walks a line of success with you. As a psychology major, the curriculum is challenging and well-rounded and the professors are very supportive.

Highlights of classes that have inspired me, along with samples of work, are part of my journey.

cognitive psycology

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This course took an interdisciplinary approach, emphasizing the continuing influence of philosophy, linguistics, and computer science on the study of cognition.

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painting I

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Color theory, tone, shading, blending and making 25 different shades of gray without using black and white.  These are just some of the things I learned in Painting I.  My exploration into oil painting can be seen on the art tab.

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brain and behavior

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A basic study of the structure and function of the mammalian nervous system with a comprehensive analysis of the biological bases of major classes of behavior. Specific topics included: neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, sensory and motor system functioning, motivated behaviors, learning and memory, emotions, sex, and language. The course was engaging and interactive. My favorite part was […]

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idp seminar

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In this seminar we examined the ways in which social scientists from a variety of disciplines addressed issues.  How they attempted the daunting task of taking the entire globe and all of its peoples to understand the processes of globalization.   We assessed the systematic ways in which one would evaluate the understandings of our global […]

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course load

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Fall ’11 IDP Seminar Spring ’12 medical leave Fall ’12 Brain & Behavior Painting I Spring ’12 Cognitive Psychology & Lab Creative Writing ePortfolio Pilot Program Fall ’13 (pending) Research Design and Analysis & Lab Drawing I

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