in creative writing

If walls could talk,
what would they say to you?

Would they complain
about changing times
and houses are not
made the way they used to
though they are happy
you came along.

Would they say
You’re a crappy owner
because there an opossum
living in the walls for months
and you haven’t noticed;
you haven’t fixed
the basement steps
and it annoys them
watching you jump
over the last step
instead of getting a hammer
and nailing it back in.

Would the walls tell you
your boyfriend slept
with your room mate
while you were passed out
after partying with so-called friends.
The couple claim
they were drunk too but
the walls have seen him staring
at her ass for months
so don’t buy the story.

If walls could talk
would they tell you
they like your new boyfriend
because he fixed the stair
in the basement and
sealed the opossum nest,
though he should have
let the opossum out first;
it smelled for weeks after it died.

Would they tell you
It was their time
and they have reached
their useful lifespan.
You would cry, of course,
but they would comfort you
and tell you it was the way of it
and they wanted you
to find someone new.

If walls could talk,
what would they say to you?