Learning To Talk To Strangers: My Summer Internship With CollegeFashionista

Learning To Talk To Strangers: My Summer Internship With CollegeFashionista

I have always loved to write, but never about myself. When I was younger, I would always be buying journals, trying to write in them, wanting desperately to be able to keep up with writing in a diary. But unfortunately, that never really worked for me. I probably have a dozen notebooks in my desk at home with ten pages written in them, only to be forgotten the next time I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a pretty new journal that I would tell myself I was really going to commit to that time.

However, during those same years that I was struggling to find a voice for myself, I found myself discovering the voice of others. I love to write about other people; people I know, people and places and stories I make up in my mind. This is something I don’t think anyone besides my mom knows about me.

During the Spring of 2015, I was going through the same process as every other Trinity College Sophomore; desperately looking for a productive way to spend their summer. It wasn’t until a friend from home told me about an internship for a college fashion blog called CollegeFashionista that she had applied for that I realized what I wanted to do; I wanted to focus on two of the things that I had the most interest in, writing and fashion.

I remember the first day that I went out looking for someone to photograph. I was nervous to go up to anyone, worried that it would be an inconvenience to them. What I failed to remember was that anyone would be beyond flattered to know that someone liked their outfit. It may be shallow, but it’s incredibly true. I went to local boutiques, bigger chain stores and even recruited my sister to put together an outfit for a post when we were on vacation and I was desperate to get my article in on time

And while the fashion aspect was what drew my in initially, it was really the writing component of this internship where I felt that I thrived. Not only did my abilities strengthen, but so did my confidence. For the first time ever, I was sharing my work with anyone who wanted to see or read it. This is something that I most definitely would not have been able to do a few years ago.