Why I Chose My Major: Sociology

I have no memory of enrolling in Sociology 101 the summer before my freshman year at Trinity. I think I might’ve added it to my first semester schedule because my mom was also a Sociology major. It also had a lot to do with a class I had taken my senior year at The Baldwin School with my all-time favorite teacher, Mrs. Ameisen. She was a teacher who I had known most of my life, not only because she was at Baldwin all of my thirteen years there, but also because her daughter was in my class, and they happened to live in the historic Residence that used to house students when Baldwin was a boarding school. Mrs. Ameisen taught me how exciting things like research and ethnographies could be, and it was really because of my time in her class that I was open to the idea of taking Soc 101.

Dr. Andersson was the perfect professor to have following Mrs. Ameisen. She had the same ability to make her class interesting and exciting, changing the minds of students who may not have been passionate about the topic at the beginning of the semester.

Since that first intro class, I’ve taken five other courses with Dr. Andersson. I have loved learning about all different walks of life, the issues within our society, and the ways that people have worked to alter them.

While I do not plan on finding a career that fits perfectly into the sociology box of professions, I believe that the major I have chosen is an incredible baseline not only for a job in the future, but life in general. It is more important than people realize to be able to understand how we work both as individuals, and as a society, regardless of what path you choose to follow long-term. There will always be a part of me that is a sociologist, analyzing people and places and how it all works.