Why Girls Think Putin’s Hot

A man of his slight stature might not get elected president in the U.S., but tough-as-nails Vladimir Putin has lots of credibility with Russians.  For one thing, he’s a martial arts black belt.  What’s more, he made his career rising through the ranks of the Soviet Union’s most terrifying institution–the KGB.  Now that the one-party state has given way to a Russia with various political parties and dubious democratic elections, Putin has insured that the old way lives on by staffing the government bureaucracy with his old KGB friends, now known as the “siloviki”—the security men (from the Russian word SEE-la, meaning strength, force, or power—the only language they understand).

The Russian press (which is mostly controlled by the government, i.e. Putin) issues a constant stream of Putin promo . . . Putin felling a judo opponent, Putin in the forest with his shotgun saving a reporter from a bear attack, Putin deep-sea diving and discovering buried treasure.  Do girls love him?  Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk_VszbZa_s



  1. Carol Any

    I welcome your comments! Let’s get a discussion going.

  2. Julia Goesser Assaiante

    This is a great blog, Carol! I will check regularly from now on.

  3. Andrew Fishman

    Its strange seeing this level of russian propaganda. If Obama or any other president/presidential candidate ran something like this then he would get laughed his way out of the oval office! Besides that, it is catchy!

  4. Quinn McDonald

    To me, this kind of propaganda reminds me of something that might happen in North Korea. The image of a leader being successful at basically everything he does is almost cartoon-like, and it’s remarkable that people, some of them at least, are buying this and even finding him attractive through these acts of unbridled machismo. I notice also that, at least out of the images you mentioned in your blog post, that none of them have anything to do with him actually accomplishing anything politically. Could a U.S. president maintain a good approval rating just by consistently felling wild bears?

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