Paul Assaiante (top left, center), Head Coach of Trinity College men’s squash, led the U.S.A. women’s team to gold in Toronto, Ontario in the 2015 Pan American Games. In addition, Harvard’s Amanda Sohby (top left, right) won the women’s individual championship for Team U.S.A., and earned another gold in the doubles championship with teammate Natalie Grainger. Trinity’s Juan Vargas ’18 (top right, left) teamed up with Andrés Herrera to lead Colombia to gold in the men’s doubles championship. Catalina Peláez ’14 (bottom left) earned bronze medal in the women’s doubles championship, and led her home country, Colombia, to bronze in the women’s team championships. Team U.S.A. squash contributed six gold medals to U.S.A.’s world-leading count of 59 gold medals in the PanAm games to date. Follow the games at