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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hall Holds Discussion on Safety

By Alexa Mehraban ’13 Contributing Writer On Tuesday, Nov. 8 St. Anthony’s Hall hosted a women’s safety forum titled “The Women of Trinity College and Fraternity Culture.”  Some female students received emails about the forum, while others learned about the event through flyers and word-of-mouth. Approximately 35 students, including seven Hall members, were present at… Continue Reading

International Students to Spend Break at Trinity

By Matt Mainuli ’13 News Editor As the holiday season nears, the majority of Trinity College students start thinking about returning home for a few days. They book flights out west, trains to D.C. or simply find a ride back to the Connecticut shore. However, for 70 international students last year, Trinity was deemed “home”… Continue Reading

Student and Professor Lead Android App Class

By Justin Conlon ’15 Staff Writer On Nov. 14, 15 and 16, First-year students will have the opportunity to take part in a one-hour session where they will learn how to develop and build their own applications for use on Android phones. Students are encouraged to bring their own Android phones, but for those without… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Preppy Culture Defined

By: Matthew Longcore ’94 Alumnus It is official: Trinity is the preppiest college in New England. This proclamation was made by none other than Lisa Birnbach, author of the 1980 tongue-in-cheek bestseller The Official Preppy Handbook and co-author (with Chip Kidd) of the recently released follow up, True Prep. In the original Preppy Handbook, Trinity… Continue Reading

Students Warned About Recent Crime

Madeline Baum ’14 News Editor On Saturday, Oct. 29 and Monday, Oct. 31 two crimes occurred at Trinfo Café and along the upper Long Walk respectively.  The victims handled both events appropriately, which is helping Campus Safety to catch the suspects and prevent attacks in the future. Continue Reading

Student Selected as Presidential Fellow

Matt Mainuli ’13 Madeline Baum ’14 New Editors Ryan McCann ‘14 was selected by Trinity as a 2011-2012 Presidential Fellow. McCann is from North Hampton, NH, and is the youngest person to be selected in the history of the program.  Other Trinity Fellows include Antinea Ascione ‘12 from the 2010-2011 program and Joe Malarney ‘10… Continue Reading

Andy Rooney: A Need for the Trivial

By: Allison Pickens ’12 Managing Editor Andrew Aitken Rooney, best known for his biting commentary on life’s trivial annoyances on 60 Minutes died on Friday, Nov. 4 following complications from a minor surgery. He was 92-years-old. A television writer by trade, Rooney began appearing at the end of 60 Minutes in 1978 when 60 Minutes’… Continue Reading