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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Joints! Event Review

By: Rachael Burke ’14 This past Friday night, The Moveable Joints!, Trinity’s improvisational comedy group, hosted an event called “UCB TourCo: Trinity College Style,” featuring an improv troupe from the Upright Citizens Brigade touring company.  The Washington Room brimmed with members of the Trinity community, as well as others from the greater community, including the… Continue Reading

GOP Field Lacks Depth: Pres. Choices Limited

By: Preston Maddock ’12 Opinions Editor We are one year away from the presidential election and just a couple months away from the beginning of a blitz of caucuses and primaries throughout America.  Although the political jockeying started long ago (Mitt Romney hasn’t stopped campaigning since the last presidential election), the race is still relatively… Continue Reading

Vote for ConnPIRG: Support Activism

Happy November! As many of you might have heard, Dorm Wars,  the energy-saving competition that pits dorms against each other to see who can reduce their energy usage the most,  started yesterday. What you may not know is that Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (ConnPIRG,) one of the groups behind Dorm Wars, is holding a… Continue Reading

Toast to a More Inclusive Trinity: Stand in Unity

By: B. “Charley” Weeden ’12 Is anyone else angry at the costumes people wore this weekend?  Does anyone else feel ashamed that our college responded passively while our peers dressed in ponchos and glue-on-mustaches calling themselves “Mexican?” Or that women donned tan dresses adorned with turquoise jewelry as “Indians,” I jest, “Native Americans?”  How dare… Continue Reading