Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Cappella Groups Hold Spring Concert and Auditions


By Georgina Thermos ’14
Arts Contributor 
On Friday night, Jan. 27, the Trinity a cappella groups hosted their Spring Audition Concert in Hamlin Hall.  Each group performed for students and parents, while showcasing their talents to potential new mebers.  By 8:00 p.m.  seats were filled up and the room was completely packed. The lovely ladies of The Quirks started the night off with every member of this all- female group was dressed in white.  The Quirks opened up with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” followed by Jackaranda’s upbeat and fun single “I’ll Never Let You Go,” which got the crowd clapping to the beat. 
The Pipes, the oldest a cappella group at Trinity, followed. In a single- file line, they walked in singing a short tune to welcome the audience.  The group made sure to point out a special audience member who is in fact an Alumnus of the Pipes. Each member more enthusiastic then the next, started off with V.V. Brown’s “Shark in the Water.”  The male members put their deep voices to use as they started off a very well performed version of “Higher and Higher.” 
The Trinitones, Trinity’s oldest all female a cappelal group, followed the co-ed group. With four new freshmen members in the fall, the Trinitones looked forward to this upcoming season with great enthusiasm. The ladies entered the room dressed in all black, adding a tone of elegance to the evening. Their first song was Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain, featuring Elaine Rojas- Castillo ‘12.  This soulful and dramatic number received a great response from the audience.  Their closing number is a Trinitones classic, “Bring It,” featuring Marie Christner ’13.  
Next up was the co-ed group, The Dischords.  A fresh new wave of youth and energy filled the room as each member dressed in their individual styles, as they carried this sense of vigor throughout their performance.  Their first song was “Harder to Breath.” The audience was surprised to hear the men of the group reach high pitches, which kept the audience laughing.  Their next song was, “The Way We Get By,” which to  everyone’s surprise had a hip-hop break in the middle of the song. The crowd reacted with laughs as one of the members adopted the role of a hip-hop superstar.  
Last to perform was the oldest all male group, The Accidentals.  They entered the room dressed in wintery flannels and began their performance with a 1950s feel.  The Beach Boys come to mind as they sang, “Good Old Acapella.”  Throughout the entire performance, the audience was cheering on the group, who passionately serenaded the audience in return.  The Accidentals continued on the blues track and sang, “Some Kind of Wonderful,” which was the deal breaker.  Everyone joined in a clap as people continued to “woo” and cheer.  These men couldn’t have ended the night in a more animated and pleasant way.  
After the performances ended, the crowd responded with a heartfelt applause.  The night was not over just yet.  All the groups help auditions after the concert and encouraged anyone to join. 

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