Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Through the Grapevine: Hot Celebrity Winter Engagements

By Serena Elavia ’14

Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and love is certainly in the air for celebrities. Over winter vacation, it seemed as though there was a new engagement announcement every day in Hollywood. Some couplings surprise us, while others relieved us as we were waiting for them to happen. While some breakups like Heidi and Seal and Katy and Russell seemed to put a damper on the lovey dovey feelings, the positive energy from these newly engaged couples showed us that there still is real love in the crazy world of celebs. Let’s take a look at the top three hottest winter engagements. 
Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey

After five years of dating and two kids later, actor Matthew McConaughey proposed to longtime love, Brazilian beauty Camila Alves. Fans were always wondering whether or not The Lincoln Lawyer star would ever propose to his girlfriend, and they certainly were pleasantly surprised when McConaughey popped the question on Christmas day. These two are a match made in heaven as Camila is the only woman who can put up with Matty’s choice to not wear deodorant. A sexy but coy couple, these two never flaunt for the paparazzi, give revealing interviews, or go PDA crazy.  They are also one of the few couples with a steady history unmarred by multiple breakups and scandals. Going along with the couples’ style, I assume that they will have a low key wedding in the near future, and not some star studded Kim Kardashian style bash. Camila and Matt prove to be the winter’s hottest engagement. 
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

This one seemed to come out of left field. After dating Cameron Diaz for a billion years, J. Timberlake finally proposed to other true love, Jessica Biel. For a while, fans thought that J.T. was going to be a protégé of pal George Clooney and never get married, but Biel converted him into a committed man. It’s doubtful though as to how long this marriage could last. First, J.T. dated Cameron Diaz for a very long time, but never proposed. Second, J.T. and Jess have already broken up once, which is never a good sign.  All of the engagement rumors have been confirmed, yet no one has been able to capture a photo of the rock that should be on her fourth finger. Whenever Jess is walking, she keeps her left hand in her pocket, and chose to not wear her engagement ring to the Golden Globes. In this case, I am suspicious of these two, and that is never a good sign for a newly engaged couple.
Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman
After a raucous set of years dating a variety of people, actress Drew Barrymore seems to have found love again with art consultant and son of former Chanel CEO, Will Kopelman. It may be that the sixth time does the trick in this case, as Barrymore has been engaged three times and had two serious relationships in the past. Until the two announced their engagement, many people were unaware that Barrymore and Kopelman were even dating. After her highly publicized relationship with younger actor Justin Long, everyone was rooting for Team Justin, and was surprised when she became engaged to someone else. Now, whenever Barrymore gives an interview, all she does is gush over her new fiancé and talk about how she can’t stop staring at her engagement ring. This pair seems to be off to a good start, but given Barrymore’s turbulent romantic history, their future is unpredictable. 
Among the more than 15 hot engagements this winter, these three stood out to us. Some were waiting to happen, while others surprised and confused us. Most of the engagements that occurred over winter vacation involved people with rollercoaster like love lives, which makes us wonder if these couplings represent new beginnings, or are they simply travelling down the same ill fated paths again? We’ll keep an eye on these couples and hope that they can stay married for longer than 72 days.   

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