Monday, May 21, 2018

Quirks and Accidentals Team Up for Valentine’s Day Concert


By Chloe Miller ’14
Arts Editor
 Last Thursday, Feb. 16, students packed into a standing-room-only Chapel for a little Valentine’s Day fun with the popular a capella groups the Accidentals and the Quirks.  The all-female Quirks performed first, with three songs of their own, followed by the crowd-pleasing Accidentals three performances.  The two groups then shared some on-stage chemistry for a group number that brought down the house.  The concert was a popular one because it not only brought some Valentines cheer to the week, it was also the debut performance of new Quirks and Accidentals members and the beginning of the last season for the group’s seniors.  Emotions were running high throughout the concert as various members were showcased.
The Quirks, carrying on the theme of the evening in shades of pink, red, and white, opened the evening’s songs with an old Quirks classic, “Somebody to Love” by Queen.  It has been newly revived for this semester, and included solos by three of the group’s seniors: Courtney Duffy ’12, Katie-Lou Ingraham ’12, and Amanda Sweat ’12.  Each senior took one of the verses of this old classic and built the song up to a very soulful number.
The next song performed was a personal favorite—the Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”  This was a lively, upbeat, and charming take on the classic, arranged by the Quirks’ own Courtney Duffy ’12 and featured a solo by Zoe Nageotte ’12.  The Quirks closed their portion of the show with the debut of Duffy’s senior song, “Love on Top,” by Beyonce.  Rachael Burke ’14, the group’s premier beat boxer, added excellent flavor to this beautiful song, also arranged for the group by Duffy.
The Accidentals soon took the stage, also dressed to impress in the colors of the evening.  They opened with the song “Home” by Mark Broussard.  This soulful number was enhanced by the solos of two Accidentals—Austin Tewsbury ’13, who had just returned from abroad, and a brand-new member to the group, Marc Alexis ’13.  His debut performance brought down the house as he belted out the sentimental lyrics.
The Accidentals also premiered a new senior song—this one featuring Scotty Eckenthal ’12.  He arranged the number, “The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel, and also delivered a touching solo.  The final Accidentals song was “Giving You My Heart Forever,” arranged by Elliot Faust ‘12 which added to the love-filled air as one lucky lady from the audience was chosen to be serenaded.
The evening culminated with a group performance, which everyone was looking forward to.  The Quirks and Accidentals rehearsed together to perform “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson. Ingraham took center stage with some improvised solos.  Together, the male and female voices morphed into a super group, and the joy and friendship  was felt by everyone in the room.  The double beat boxing talents of Burke and Alexis added to the fun atmosphere as the concert drew to a close.  The unifying group number pushed this concert over the edge of success.  Especially for the new a capella members—Meredith Munro ’15 of the Quirks and Anthony Redamonti ’15 and Alexis of the Accidentals—this was certainly a concert to be remembered and enjoyed by all.

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