Monday, May 21, 2018

Through the Grapevine: Hollywood’s Most Fabulous Little Divas

By: Serena Elavia

Staff Writer 

Well people in Hollywood certainly are getting busy! Every female celeb from Hilary Duff to Jennifer Garner is carrying a little life and ready to pop at any minute. There are some celebrity kids who we love, and others who we love to hate, like Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s kids. But who cares about the kids we hate—let’s run down our three favorite kids in Hollywood.

Mason Disick

When the Kardashian family revealed to fans that Kourtney Kardashian was expecting her first child, everyone’s first thought was, “God, help that child.” Every factor from baby daddy Scott Disick’s drinking problem to Kourtney nonchalantly forgetting to take her birth control was enough to make audiences and fans skeptical of Kourtney and Scott raising a child. After Scott shoved a $100 bill down a waiter’s throat in Las Vegas, it didn’t take a parenting expert to see that he was not fit to be a father. When Mason Dash Disick was born, fans watched Kourtney and Scott struggle with simple parenting issues, such as bottle feeding, sleeping arrangements, and bathing. At first, the dysfunctional couple had an incredible amount of difficulty handling every issue related to Mason, and had multiple problems with everyone including, overbearing mother, Kris Jenner, and psycho sister Khloe Kardashian Odom. But as time went on and Scott sought treatment for his drinking problem, the Kardashian-Disick trio began to resemble a more solidified family unit. Now, Mason has grown into an adorable two year old that fans love to watch. In particular, on the most recent season of “Kim and Kourtney Take New York,” viewers got to observe all of Mason’s fabulous outfits with matching hats and listen to his hilarious quotes that included imitating Kris Humphries’ infamous grunts. Now with Kourtney’s pregnancy announcement, everyone will be watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to see how the newest addition to the Kardashian Klan is raised.

Suri Cruise

            Even before this celebrity child was born people were obsessed with her. After a whirlwind courtship, superstar Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced that they were expecting a bundle of joy. When little Suri Cruise was born, she caused quite a scene in Hollywood, as paparazzi clamored to take the first photograph of her. By keeping their newborn shielded from the public eye for a few months, Katie and Tom created an aura of mystery and exclusivity around Suri and turned her into the diva that she currently is. At five years old, Suri Cruise has accumulated a plethora of awards from various magazines including best dressed kid in Hollywood, cutest celebrity kid, and she was even featured as a “Betch of the Week” on the popular website Betches Love This. Serving as a child style icon, Suri is always outfitted in the most fashionable children’s clothing and turns every sidewalk into a runway. Plus, she has great hair, and we all know that people with great hair lead great lives. Oh and let’s not forget that Suri means princess in Hebrew, and little Ms. Cruise is certainly living up to her name.

The Jolie-Pitt Children

Because the Jolie-Pitt children wouldn’t be anything without all six of them, we decided to group them together as one of Hollywood’s most fabulous celebrity children. When your parents are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, also known as the queen and king of Hollywood, you have to be fabulous—no exceptions. Whenever these kids venture out with their parents, they take over what area they are in, whether it is a toy store or a beach. It may not be quite visible yet, but it seems that Angie and Brad are building an army of little actors and actresses to monopolize Hollywood and start some type of Jolie-Pitt dynasty. Each of the kids has their own unique sense of style. As the oldest, Maddox is the leader of the pack, setting an example for the younger kids and being Angie’s greatest achievement. Zahara, the oldest girl, is always wearing a trendy outfit and sets the bar for high fashion in the family. The first biological child for Angie and Brad, Shiloh, has taken on the role of the family tomboy, but she’ll grow out of this phase soon. Another trendsetter for the family is Pax; his hair has new highlights every day. Lastly, twins Vivienne and Knox are already big time money makers: Angie and Brad sold the first pictures of the twins to People Magazine for $14 million, they certainly are the highest paid babies in Hollywood. The big question now is whether or not the Jolie-Pitt crew will continue to expand, or if six is the right number for them. Expansion or no expansion, all of the kids are travelling on an amazing life path and it will be interesting to follow their journeys.

With the current Hollywood baby boom, it will be interesting to see the next batch of celebrity children. Who will be the best dressed? Who will grow into the next top supermodel? Only time will tell what this next generation of celebrity babies will grow into.

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