Sunday, May 27, 2018

Trinity College Dance Company Performs “Accompany Us”

By Emily Misencik ’14

Arts Editor

Trinity Dance Company members perform in the show "Accompany Us"


On Saturday, Feb. 18 the Trinity College Dance Company performed their fourth annual concert at the Austin Arts Center. The performance, entitled “ACCOMPANY US,” showcased the company dancers’ talent and skill as they performed 12 dance pieces to a wide variety of music. The dance company, led by co-presidents Amanda Sweat ’12 and Sarah Hagman ’12, consists of 11 dancers, one of whom is abroad. The close ensemble have been very welcoming of Brooke Moschetto ‘15 and Jamie Plancher ‘15, who bring their own unique personalities, style, and talent to the company. 

The well-attended performance began at 7:30 p.m. The stage consisted of a simple set design, included a plain background with altering colored lights depending on the performance piece, that allowed the focus to remain on the dancers. The performance opened with the piece Cosmic Love, choreographed and performed by the full cast to “Cosmic Love” by Florence + The Machine. This captivating ballad showcased the entire company’s dance skills and ability to work together. The company then performed a piece to Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” as the pop favorite served as a recognizable tune for students and attendees. 
Five Trinity dancers emerged in blue one-piece work uniforms and brooms for the innovative a capella tap dance number entitled After Hours, choreographed by Jynette DeMarco ‘13 and Sweat. The tap dance piece filled the room with clicks and clacks as the absence of music served as a break from the other musical numbers and allowed the viewers to further focus on the dancing and technique.  
Carolyn Meighan ‘14, who has been dancing for 16 years, choreographed the piece No Body Knows to Owen Pallett’s “Scandal at the Parkade.” The five dancers wore blue leotards with black tights as they danced to the contemporary ballet piece. Although the piece was very fast paced, all the dancers accomplished and learned the difficult moves successfully. Another viewer favorite was performed to Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold,” and was choreographed by Jenna McNicholas ‘14 and Kiara Brereton ‘13. The piece’s upbeat jazzy feel differed from the other musical numbers. McNicholas commented that it was “really fun to perform my own pieces because I was in my element.” Co-captiains Hagman and Sweat choreographed the final number to The Naked and Famous’s “No Way.” The alternative rock piece starts slow and picks up in tempo as the song progresses, ending the show with a bang. 
The Trinity Dance Company practices regularly three times a week, but entered “crunch time” and increased their rehearsals schedule in preparation for the concert. Along with practicing every day prior to the concert, the company also had two technical rehearsals and a dress rehearsal, trying to get as much stage time as possible. 
The Trinity College Dance Company features an incredible array of dancers. The close-knit ensemble of girls all have a passion for dance, which is reflected in the time and quality of Saturday night’s performance. Each audience member commented on the level of skill from the student-choreographed performance, awaiting further performances from the dance company. 

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