Saturday, May 26, 2018

Body Language, The Knocks featured at The Mill last weekend

The Mill hosted a weekend full of arts and entertainment, welcoming three musical acts on both Thursday and Saturday nights and an art gallery opening on Friday night.  Thursday’s concert featured the headlining group Body Language, a foursome from Brooklyn with an indie-pop-electric sound.  They were opened for by local DJ duo PK Ripper and Dirty D as well as another Brooklyn foursome called the Denzels.

Saturday night marked the Mill’s Neon Gold Showcase, a concert made up of three groups as well.  Newcomer St. Lucia and veterans Savoir Adore opened for the New York city-based dance group The Knocks.  Both events were packed with students and nonstudents alike, though Thursday’s event was open to everybody and Saturday’s was a registered social event that actually limited the number of attendees in accordance with the new social policy. 

 Thursday’s show was a stellar collection of both big and small names.  The Denzels are an indie pop-punk group who recently released a five-track EP called “Easy Tiger” of new sounds to follow up their full album released last May, “Slow Death.”  Their songs have a chill-out vibe reminiscent of an afternoon on the beach, with a great under beat that kept the crowd dancing.  The DJ duo PK Ripper and Dirty D hail from Hartford, where they work with a local non-profit called the Hartford Party Starters union, which works to bring music and entertainment to Hartford and cultivate a unique music scene.  Their involvement with this group brought in a lot of non-Trinity students to enjoy the show as well. Their remixes and unique DJ spinning skills pumped up the crowd at The Mill Thursday. 

 Thursday’s headlining group was Body Language.  They are made up of Ian Chang, Grant Wheeler, Matthew young, and soulful front woman Angelica Bess.  Each band member played a variety of instruments in Thursday’s show, including keyboards, drums, guitar, the xylophone, and noisemakers.  Their sound is a very distinct mix of dance, electric, and indie pop influences.  Their individual personalities really came out on stage as they dance, sang, and grooved along to their own tunes.  The good-sized crowd was dancing the night away as this band finished their set, only to return to chants of “One more song!”  Lead singer Angelica Bess joked that crowds always call them back when she’s in the restroom after a long show, but performed one more song nonetheless.  Their grooving track “Falling Out” had everyone clapping and dancing along to the hypnotic rhythm.

New York-based Body Language performs at The Mill


 Body Language is heading south after their show at The Mill, touring in South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas for the popular indie music festival South by Southwest.    Their latest full album was released last year and is entitled Social Studies.  They are definitely a great group to follow and will hopefully be back at The Mill again.

 Saturday’s concerts drew an even bigger crowd to The Mill as students roamed Vernon Street and came and went from the music scene.  This was another “registered event,” and everyone had to sign in until the cap was met.  The event reached capacity quickly, and many students were turned away at the door or stood outside waiting for space to open up inside. 

 The three groups playing on Saturday night are all signed to the Neon Gold Records label and are in the middle of a tour together, next heading to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Orlando, FL, and more.  Since they’ve been playing together for quite some time now, their sounds melded expertly and kept the night rocking to their mashups, remixes, and original beats.

 St. Lucia is a DJ from Brooklyn, New York and has remixed popular songs such as Foster the People’s “Don’t Stop” and Papa’s “I Am the Lion King.”   He also played his original hit “We Got It Wrong,” the first single from his EP, which has been remixed itself and is climbing its way to the top on electro charts.  Savoir Adore is a Mill veteran, a group of five friends also from Brooklyn.  Their pop/dance sound stems from influences like MGMT and French Horn Rebellion.  They played many tracks from their latest album called Dreamers.

 The highlight of the evening was definitely The Knocks.  A duo from NYC, these creative geniuses began as music producers, mixing and writing material for artists such as Katy Perry and Britney Spears before creating their own original tracks.  They just finished a tour with Ellie Goulding and are now headlining the Neon Gold tour.   Their popular tracks  “Make it Better,” “Something I Can Dance To,” “Brightside,” “Magic,” and remixes of popular dance tracks brought down the house.  Students were dancing, singing along, and having a great time on Saturday night.  The Knocks are a Mill favorite because their songs appeal to a wide audience and are easy to dance to.  Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see them here on campus!

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