Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Food Dudes: Happy hour at Feng offers delicious options

By: Taylor Perry

Staff Writer 

Price is always a factor when deciding where to go out to eat, especially among penny-wise, unemployed college students. I have heard a lot about Feng Asian Bistro’s happy hour menu and was shocked at their reasonable prices. Typically, the “posh” sushi bar charges ridiculous prices that someone like me just can’t indulge in all the time- not from 4-6 p.m. at Feng! Great food at great prices is a phrase we hear too often. However, Feng delivers just this.

            The restaurant front is underwhelming with little sign of its existence in downtown Hartford on Asylum Street. However, upon entrance, the restaurant brightened with it’s, Asian- inspired décor. There is a red accented wall illuminated by sconces of golden hues. Feng has a large lounge located with the bar where happy hour is served. The lounge area had a young club feel with its mood lighting, bright décor and textured walls of brick and stone. The resaturant played hip music and made us want to get up and dance. The restaurant almost seems to be inspired by the fresh food they serve. Also, there is a sushi bar where we were seated, located just before the main dining room. We made it just in time to order off the happy hour menu. The dining room was nothing too special, just a cluster of dark, wooden tables and lines of booths. The restaurant is apart of Ginza Restaurant Group and includes South East Asian food from Thailand, China and Japan

            I was extremely excited as I sat down and looked at the menu. However, being seated at the sushi bar was not ideal, thought the prices of the happy hour menu were promising. Although small, the happy hour menu had a wide variety of content. The menu had a large array of starters from dumplings ($3), spring rolls ($2), shumai ($2) and other vegetable creations. There was also a large listing of Maki and hand rolls that included everything from salmon ($4.50), yellowtail ($5), and eel ($5) to the basic cucumber roll ($3.50). The special rolls listed on the menu were inspired and fun with the Angry Dragon, a roll of shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, spicy king crab and kani, papaya, soy nori, eel sauce and rutta sauce ($11) to the Black Dinosaur Roll with shrimp tempura, cucumber, BBQ eel, avocado with BBQ eel sauce ($12). We began by ordering an appetizer of both chicken and beef dumplings and an order of scallion pancakes (all together totaling to about $8.50). The dumplings were served with a sweet and spicy mustard sauce that complemented the seasoned beef and chicken nicely. For our main courses we ordered the Shrimp Tempura Roll, ($5.50) the Angry Dragon and the Yummy Roll ($12). The Yummy Roll was filled with spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, spicy king crab, crunchy tobiko, chives and a spicy mayo sauce on top. All three rolls were presented in a very chic and impressive fashion. There was plenty of food and flavor to go around. Shrimp tempura was savory and not too crunchy, complementing the cucumber and avocado very well. The Yummy Roll certainly lived up to its name. The tuna and yellowtail were seasoned perfectly and not too spicy from the mayo sauce over the roll.

            We decided that we could afford a small dessert after the low prices of the main course. Even though desserts were not included on the happy hour menu. We ordered the Chocolate Chip Sandwich and the Ice Cream Tempura. Both were delectably sweet and delicious. After a cheap, filling meal I’d have to say the worst part of the afternoon was having to get there between 4-6 pm!

            Overall we had a great experience at Feng Asian Bistro. The food was great and we were more than happy to pay the bill when it came. We encourage anyone to go and try it out! For more information about Feng visit their website www.fengrestaurant.com or call (860) 549 – FENG (3364) to make reservations.

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