Monday, May 21, 2018

Through the Grapevine: Celebs get punked on the red carpet


    By: Serena Elavia ’14
Staff Writer 
 April Fool’s Day is a time for tricks and pranks, jokes and games. I’m sure that many celebrities will be pranked and pranking today, but many of them have been victims to very public and embarrassing tricks. In honor of April Fool’s, let’s look at some of the funniest celebrity pranks. 
Kim Kardashian’s Flour Bombing 
Just last week, the starlet was flour bombed at the launch of her new perfume. An angry woman decided to lob a plastic bag full of flour, which clocked Kardashian in the head and covered the reality star in flour. Per usual, Kardashian handled the incident with grace and poise, and quietly stepped off the red carpet to clean herself up. But what seemed like an innocent flour bombing at first, quickly turned into a legal matter. At first, Kardashian would not press charges against the woman, but now may reverse her decision and pursue legal action against the infamous flour bomber. Soon, it was revealed that the flour bomber was a member of PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) an organization that sister Khloe is an active member of. Khloe withdrew her membership and support from the organization following the incident, delivering a blow to PETA.
Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ash Dumping  
At this year’s Academy Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen dumped an urn of fake ashes from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il on red carpet interviewer Ryan Seacrest. For many, this was seen as typical behavior from “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen, while others saw this as inappropriate at a high profile event like the Oscars.  Was he simply trying to be funny, or was he fully embracing his role in his film “The Dictator?” Regardless of his motives or intent, Cohen’s ash dumping was one of the most talked about events at the Oscars and certainly brightened up the event among all of the drab dresses. Thankfully, E! anchor, Ryan Seacrest will not be pressing charges.
Rupert Murdoch Gets Pied
Last summer, during News Corp’s phone hacking scandal hearings, Chairman Rupert Murdoch received a pie in the face by an angry protester. Later, the protester was identified as Johnnie Marbles, a British comedian. In the middle of the hearing, a pie suddenly flew in the air in a perfect projectile and smacked Murdoch in the face. Quickly, Murdoch’s wife Wendi swooped in walloping and attacking Marbles. To many, Wendi’s counter attack was far more surprising than the pie throwing itself, as the former volleyball player used her powerful athletic prowess to defend her husband from the epic pie launcher. 
Tricks Between George Clooney and Brad Pitt 
Best friends, co-stars and philanthropists, George Clooney and Brad Pitt constantly wage a prank war against each other. Whether it is Clooney putting bumper stickers on Pitt’s car saying “Small Penis Onboard,” or Pitt calling out Clooney during an awards speech, these two constantly bicker back and forth. Unfortunately now, the jokes are getting a little too old and one sided, as Clooney has overpowered family man Pitt in the tricks and jokes. These two have a long history, and it will continue to be even more entertaining in the years to come. 

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