Friday, May 25, 2018

SGA makes alterations to constitution


The Student Government Association (SGA) held a referendum last week where they planned on revising the constitution.  Headed by SGA President Panida Pollawit ’12, the SGA asked the students to approve the changes by sending an online survey to the entire student body. 
The major change to the Constitution is that SGA Class Senators will be elected in April instead of September.  “This is very important because the SGA Senators are the advocates for students,” said Pollawit, “they work on different projects to improve student life both academically and socially.  Thus, having their elections in the spring will help the organization start up faster.” Another major change was that the requirements to be Vice President of either the Entertainment Activities Committee (EAC) or the Multicultural Affairs Committee were lessened.  This makes the positions more available to students and encourages the inclusion of more students.   To be Vice President of EAC, the candidate must have served at least one year in the EAC prior to running for the position, and must have held an EAC officer position for a minimum of one semester. 
For the past three years, the EAC has been in charge of allocating funding requests related to entertainment.  But an amendment was made that gives the allocation role back to the Budget Committee, which would allow the EAC to focus more on the programming.  And because the Budget Committee is taking on the new role, the Budget Committee will be divided into two subcommittees in the beginning of the year, maintaining seven members in each group.  Decisions will be made by a majority vote of the subcommittee hearing the request.  The full committee will only meet during a mid-year review.  The Budget Committee will now be comprised of four Senators elected from within the Senate and ten students elected from the student body, as opposed to the previous three that were elected from the Senators and seven elected by students. 
The EAC bylaws were reviewed on April 8, and the MAC bylaws will be reviewed on April 15.  And with many new positions that have opened up from the new amendments, the SGA is holding the Spring Elections this week.  

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