Sunday, September 15, 2019

Class of ’16 distinguishes themselves as individuals on campus

Karisa Cernera ’14

News Editor 

Many may have seen the over eager faces of new Trinity College students wearing their ID cards around their necks and frantically moving in their bedspreads and plastic drawers to either Elton, Jones, Smith Little, Jackson North or Frobb. Yes, the new freshman class is officially here!

“I am absolutely thrilled to have the Class of 2016 on campus. From my first encounters with them, I can tell that they seem like a very promising part of Trinity. I am sure that all of them carry something unique in themselves and I can’t wait to find out the many ways they will conmctribute to our community. It will be a pleasure for me and the Student Government Association to work with all of them in this academic year,” said SGA president, Dobromir Trifonov ’13. Trifonov gave a speech to the incoming freshman class at the annual convocation ceremony that took place at the beginning of this academic year. 

Capping off at 591 students, the new freshman class has proved to not only be a great but also interesting addition to the Trinity college community. In total, the class is made up of 297 women and 295 men who come from 31 states and 29 countries. Although the stereotypes may categorize Trinity College students as a homogenous group of students, the class of 2016 has disproven this idea. Reportedly, 24 percent of the class has identified themselves as students of color. The hometowns of the Trinity freshman are also very diverse. Although many students still come from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and California, about 10 percent (58 students) of theclass is international. These students come from countries such as Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Korea, Egypt, Austria, Rwanda, Palestine, Peru and many more. In fact, there are as many students in the freshman class from China as from Rhode Island. However, the students of the class of 2016 also come from many places throughout the United States. 36 students come from the west coast while 27 are from the Midwest and 49 students come from the mid Atlantic. There are also 34 students in the freshman class who are from the south and one student from Hawaii.

What also defines the freshman class is their eccentricity. 82 students identified themselves as artists, 166 students have identified themselves as athletes, and 194 students held a position of leadership in their high school, including newspaper editors and student body presidents. The class also contains one pipe organist, one national paddle tennis champion, one ukulele player, two black belts, a purple belt, and one trapeze artist. The class also has two sets of twins in which both are attending and six students who have a twin who attends a different college or university.

The average S.A.T. score this year was 1926 with the average critical reading score being 637, math 641 and writing 648. This is an eight point overall increase from last years scores where the average critical reading score was 629. 41 students were sons or daughters of Trinity graduates and 40 in the class were siblings of Trinity graduates. 25 percent of the class indicated interest in majoring in the humanities, 23 percent in math or science, 31 percent in the social sciences, and 21 percent remain undecided.  However, freshmen students have not yet taken the various courses that Trinity has to offer and because of that many of the Trinity majors have not been explored. The freshman class also contains seven presidential scholars, 23 posse scholars and nine quest bridge scholars.

Names are also something that distinguishes the freshman class; the class of 2016 has students named Cheeky, Poppy, Bin, Dabin, Dimitri and a Melita. There are also 13 Michaels, 10 Elizabeths, 10 Christophers and nine Johns. There are also 19 people who have the nickname of “Alex.”

Overall, the freshman class sis one characterized by diversity and eccentricity and seem to be a very great addition to the Trinity College community.


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