Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Francisco Ortiz and new officers added to Campus Safety staff

Kristina Smithy ’14

News Editor

Trinity appointed Francisco Ortiz, former director of security operations at Yale University, as the new director of Campus Safety. Ortiz has been working with Trinity since last spring and helped hire four new campus safety officers and they are still looking for one more. His main goals are to reduce crime, increase visibility, and work with the community. This summer, Trinity sent their officers to Fairfield University for a Campus Safety course. All the officers learned a lot and gained a higher skill set.

 Since last spring, Campus Safety has been working with Allied Bart, an outside security team, to help patrol the perimeters of campus. There are six officers that work in groups of two from 7 p.m. until 3 a.m. This tactic is called Force Multiplying. “Visibility on campus is one of my main goals, students need to be able to see us,” Ortiz said. Eight new bike patrol officers have been assigned to areas around campus in shifts of 11a.m. to 3 a.m., seven days a week. “We want to have the same officers patrol the same areas every day so that they get to know the area and the students get to know them. This way the officers will be able to point out when something is not right. We really want to establish trust and support,” Ortiz explained.

Some of these officers have been at Trinity for 37 years and Campus Safety wants the students to get to know the officers as people who really want to keep them safe. Ortiz wants to work on all of the officers’ uniforms in order to make them flashier so that students are able to see them, like the new bike patrol uniforms, again working on their visibility.

Another idea Ortiz addressed was the idea of a welcome center for campus, a place where visitors can stop in and use as a main place for Campus Safety to regulate. This will let people know that they are a large presence on campus. Ortiz stressed the idea that Trinity needs to work with the community to improve our security. By collectively working with the community and Hartford police, everyone will be on the same page with the same goal in mind. The directors of Campus Safety have also met with all of the RAs and hope to meet with all other willing groups in order to exchange ideas and work together in keeping the campus safe.

Not only is Campus Safety upping their ante when it come to security measures; they are also facilitating career development for some of the officers. They will soon be promoting officers to supervisors and bringing more officers in. Their hopes are that Trinity students will get to know and trust the officers that have dedicated their lives to keeping our campus safe. “What everyone has to realize is that these officers have families and have kids, some have kids that go here, they want to keep kids safe,” Ortiz said. With trust and respect, students and campus safety officers can work together to keep campus safe.

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