Thursday, May 24, 2018

Welcome Back A Cappella Concert packs Hamlin Hall


On Saturday, Sept. 9 despite the torrential downpour and persisting wind, students flocked to Hamlin Hall for the annual Welcome Back A Cappella concert. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike gathered into the small space to enjoy the musical talents of current singers and alumni. As usual, spirits were high as each group ran down the middle of the aisle with the crowd of students cheering and shouting for their favorites.

The night began with the Pipes and ended with the Dischords, giving the audience a wide array of song choices and a sense of each group’s individual style. Those new to Trinity’s a cappella scene were able to get a feel for each group before the tryouts took place. Each group performed two songs, leaving the crowd satisfied, yet wanting to hear more. “I loved seeing all the a cappella groups performing together, they all did an amazing job!” said Maggie Lawrence ’14.

The Pipes opened the concert by singing “Wild at Heart” by Gloriana. The group then followed with “Son of a Preacher Man” by Aretha Franklin. Jessica L’Heureux ’14 sang the lead on this song, wowing the crowd with her amazing vocals. As a whole, the Pipes were excited to be back together and harmonizing. Alumni happily joined in for the two songs, giving those in attendance a taste of the past.

The Trinitones, keeping it classy dressed all in black, were the second group of the night to perform. The girls were excited to be back together and were full of energy as they started off with one of their original songs. They began with the “Trinitone Blues” and followed with the ever-popular “Walk of Shame.” Each girl paired up to sing a different portion of the song. Whether it was the verse about hiding from the football team on their morning jog, or the questionable contents in their hair, the song left those in attendance cheering and laughing.

Every girl’s heart skipped a beat as the all male a cappella group took the stage. Dressed in plaid button-ups, the Accidentals sang their original song with the help of recent alumni. The group looked happy to be back together performing in Hamlin once again. The boys kept the crowd captivated and some even joined in clapping to the beat of their songs.

Dressed all in white, the girls of the Quirks followed the Accidentals. They began with “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and followed with the sultry, “House of the Rising Sun.” The girls were in good company with a number of returning alumni filling out the group. The Quirks were full of energy throughout the entire performance and looked excited to be reunited and singing after the long summer vacation.

To end the night, the final co-ed a cappella group, the Dischords, took the stage dressed in a variety of outfit choices. The group began by singing Ben Folds’ “Army,” receiving great cheers from the energized audience. For their second song of the night, the Dischords sang “The Way We Get By” by Spoon and again received cheers from the audience and fellow a cappella groups who slowly joined the crowd after their own performances.

After the performances each group invited those in attendance to come and try out their own vocal talents. Auditions were held at various locations throughout campus and each group began the search for new talent to add to the mix. Everyone quickly dispersed to try out for his or her chosen a cappella group.

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