Saturday, August 17, 2019

Through the grapevine: New fall 2012 tv show premieres

Ursula Petersen ’15
Contributing Writer

Ah, fall is finally here. It’s the season of crunchy leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, scarves, and the start of new TV seasons. Yes, fall is that magical time where new seasons for your favorite shows will begin again.

The Mindy Project

                  First show on the list is “The Mindy Project.” This new sitcom, starring “The Office’s” Mindy Kaling, focuses on the life of a young obstetrician–gynecologist. Kaling stars as the titular character, a rom-com obsessed woman who, in the pilot, begins to focus on turning her messy love life around. The show is basically an American TV version of “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” I’d recommend keeping an eye on this show as the writing is funny, Kaling is an amusing character, and thanks to her real-life connections, the show promises a bevy of great guest stars; the pilot, which is available on Hulu, already features Ed Helms and Bill Hader. Kaling is hailed as the new Tina Fey, and thank god for that, because as you will read below, “30 Rock” airs its final season this fall.


If you’re into mystery and crime, be sure to also check out “Elementary.” This interesting new take on Sherlock Holmes stars Johnny Lee Miller (known for his short lived marriage to Angelina Jolie) as a former drug-addict turned detective. Lucy Liu joins the cast as Watson, a former surgeon with a troubled past. Together, the two make an interesting team, peppered with brainpower and some great chemistry

American Horror Story: Asylum

Now, “American Horror Story” premiered last year, but this year, the show is entirely different. This new season promises a re-boot of the 2011 show, and it’s titled “American Horror Story: Asylum.” The title is pretty self-explanatory; the show will focus on the going-ons in a creepy asylum, a la “Shutter Island.” But while the producers stay relatively mum on the plot details of the show, they have introduced viewers to an entirely new cast. Even if horror is not your thing, I’m sure that a cast consisting of Joseph Finnes, Adam Levine (yes, Adam Levine of Maroon 5), Zachary Quinto, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Chloe Sevigny will entice you. I myself will definitely tune in to check out Adam Levine’s acting chops.

Parks and Recreation

In addition to the two new shows mentioned above, some of our old favorites will be returning. “Parks and Recreation” will return this week, featuring a newly single Amy Poehler (bye bye Will Arnett…). This mockumentary will hopefully prove to be as funny as it has been in the past few seasons, thanks to performances from Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Rob Lowe, and Aubrey Plaza. Rashida Jones will round out the cast. The most recent buzz around this show comes not from the stars, but from a rather unexpected spokesperson(s). A fan of Ben & Jerry’s recently created an image of a new flavor of ice cream called Ron Swanson’s All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have. It was so convincing that the ice cream company had to release a statement saying that it was not in the works.

While fall TV brings about some new faces and some recognizable ones, this fall, two casts will be on the small screen for the last time. Both “The Office and “30 Rock” will premiere their final seasons starting this month. “The Office” has some exciting new things coming its way, including two new cast members. Clark Duke, (known from his roles in “Kick Ass” and “Superbad”) will join the team with a sidekick, and the twosome is supposed to be the “new Dwight and Jim.” As for “30 Rock,” the final season promises to be star-packed, with Tina Fey recently revealing that “Breaking Bad” star, Bryan Cranston, will guest star as a member of Kenneth’s family. The final season will only air 13 episodes. 


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