Thursday, June 20, 2019

Family weekend exposes both sides of students and families

Chanel Palacios ’14

Arts Editor

Family Weekend is meant to show families the best of Trinity. It’s to reassure them that if they must miss their beloved son or daughter, it’s for a good reason.

It’s the perfect time to get all those postcard photo shots in. For some, it’s the ideal time to get hammered with family, because everyone loves a good tailgating session. For others, it’s the perfect time to show your family how cultured and sophisticated you are by taking them to a cappella concerts or taking them to see the sand mandala.

Children and teenagers can see their siblings and look forward to the day when they get to go to college, or they can look at their siblings and wonder how they got into college in the first place. Dogs get to enjoy new scenery, and show their grouchy sides when strangers come up to pet them. Not every dog is friendly, but then again, not every family likes strangers playing with their dogs. In that case, parents probably shouldn’t bring their pets anyways.

While Trinity hosts many lovely events for pets, children, and parents to enjoy, not everyone seemed to be enjoying Family Weekend. Besides the grouchy pups, there were some families whose grouchiness could be forgiven, but not their manners.

Some parents were clearly upset that they were being taken to see the sand mandala at the Austin Arts Center when they could have been drinking at the football game. Considering I’m biased and I was working the box office at the Austin Arts Center on Saurday, I was frustrated that parents could be so self centered as to not want to go with their son or daughter to see something truly amazing for simply five minutes.

What was even more frustrating were the students who could not be bothered to spend any time with their families. I’m also biased when it comes to this. I’m from California, and other than being brought to Trinity freshman year, my family cannot come visit me for a random weekend in September. I can’t imagine Rex, my German shepherd, on a plane and in airports for around nine hours. But if he somehow magically came to visit me, I guarantee he would be the friendliest seven year old pup around. (It doesn’t matter how old your dog is folks. If he or she is cute and fun, don’t be offended when I call Spot or Buddy a pup).

Back to being annoyed with students at this school, I would like to remind everyone that we are not in middle school. Everyone should be past the point of getting mad at their parents for avoiding them. Every time I saw a parent getting yelled at for being embarrassed, or getting left behind because they walked too slow, I wanted to steal those parents for the weekend. I also wanted to smack some sense into those students, but I don’t think that would have gone over well.

I’m surprised that college aged students haven’t learned by now to join in their parents fun whenever an embarrassing moment presents itself. I learned that lesson my freshman year of high school, when my dad was taking me to school and blasting mariachi music loudly, with all the windows down of course. At that point, I figured I may as well sing along because there’s no point in trying to get parents to change a bit. Besides, it wouldn’t be as fun if everyone was proper all the time.

People need to be more appreciative that their families are close enough to come visit or can afford visiting from far away. I would have loved for my mom to have been here, taking a ridiculous amount of tourist pictures. I would have laughed when my brother told stories about me choking on a baby carrot. I would have recorded my dad singing “Call Me Maybe” even though I cannot stand that song. That’s how I would have been had my family been here, not shunning them just because they asked to be introduced to my friends.

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