Thursday, June 20, 2019

Parents and children spend time together during Family Weekend

Cara Munn ’15

Contributing Writer

Family weekend opened this Friday with dreary grey skies. Families were  probably doubting the trustworthiness of the weather forecasters when they got up on Friday morning to grey clouds. However, as the day wore on, the sun began to emerge from behind the clouds and everything was all right.

The Mandala: The Sacred Art of Sand, was one of the premier exhibits set up for Family Weekend with the Buddhist nuns. This exhibit featured selected Tibetan art pieces on loan from the collections of Trinity faculty who have been inspired by the Mandala process over the years. Some of the artworks included in the exhibit included, but were not limited to, various Tibetan Gods within Buddhism. Luscious reds, deep blues, rich greens and sunny yellow hues characterized the artwork that adorned the walls and floors of Garmany Hall. In the center of the room was a nun carving inscriptions into the floor, and off to the side there was a nun reading her verses. There was something very humbling and admirable about it- watching other humans willingly put themselves on display for people to come and observe them and devoting themselves to Buddha for life. A couple of parents almost walked into the exhibit with their shoes on, but after seeing the mass of shoes outside of Garmany Hall, they decided against it. It seemed like a nice place to return to right before midterms, relaxed and very zen.

Another option for parents this weekend was to go to one of the academic lectures. The Academic Life Discussion, called Teaching Millenial Students in the New Millenium – Teaching College Age Students in the 21st Century, interested the parents very much. The topic that they were talking about was called “Emerging Adulthood.” “Emerging Adulthood” was characterized by instability and self- focused, ‘in-between’ individuals. Parents found it interesting to learn that their kids were characterized by instability and that their son or daughter was self-focused. Associate Professor of Psychology, Professor Dina Anselmi actually put it quite nicely when she said that since we were born into an ‘age of possibilities’ “it will take them a lot longer to decide what they want to do in life than the previous generation.”

On Saturday, parents had the option of going to the apple fest, a Chartwells sponsored event that featured apples from local farms in Connecticut. They featured juicy apples, delicious apple turnovers, and melt-in-your mouth apple pies. Tea and other treats could be found inside the Bistro. A mother commented that the only thing that was missing was the ice cream.

Parents then also had the option of going to the football game against Bates, which Trinity won very handily 37-16. Their support during the game as well as the players’ fortitude contributed to the win.  Overall, Trinity’s defense put on a spectacular show for the Bates Bobcats.

Other wins for Trinity included the women’s soccer Team, the men’s soccer team, and the women’s field hockey team who played against Connecticut College. Their scores were 4-1, 3-0, and 3-0 respectively.

On Sunday, the Bantams were not as lucky against Tufts.  Although the women’s soccer team won 2-0 and the men’s soccer team tied 1-1, the women’s field hockey team fell to Tufts 2-1 after an overtime goal by junior midfielder Emily Cannon from Tufts.  Overall, students and their families seemed to really enjoy the events that Trinity College offered.


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