Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Food Dudes: Plan B, West Hartford’s burger joint on Park Rd.



After a long week of midterms, papers, and presentations, we knew exactly where we wanted to go to reign in the weekend. We headed to Plan B on Friday night in West Hartford on Park Road. It’s right across the street from “A Little Something Bakery,” which we reviewed earlier this semester. We found parking on the street and headed inside to figure out how long our wait was going to be. The restaurant is extremely popular so it is usually very crowded on the weekends.


After a 35–minute wait, we were seated at a table by the bar.  The restaurant is small and crowded but has a cool vibe that includes dim lighting, dark wood furnishings, and loud music.  The bar takes up a large portion of the restaurant with a wide selection of different types of beer and bourbon.


We started with the pickles and peppers appetizer. It is a delectable assortment of pickles, jalapeños, and pepperoncini, beer battered and fried. They were delicious, crispy and served with a perfect spicy and sweet aioli sauce for dipping.


For our meals, we ordered the burger salad, blue cheese burger on a pretzel roll, and a side of sweet potato fries. There is a wide selection of burgers, sliders, and comfort foods ranging from macaroni and cheese to fish and chips. The portions are quite large, so we decided to share everything. Because of how busy the restaurant was, the food took a little longer to come out. Our waitress was very nice and apologized for the wait. Our meals were definitely well worth it.


The burger salad was amazing. It really is exactly what it sounds like–a burger in a salad. It comes with a cheeseburger, pickles, bacon, tomato, onions, a special sauce, and is topped with fries and little onion rings.   The portion is massive just like all of the other dishes at Plan B, but the array of flavors mix together perfectly.


The blue cheese burger is spectacular. Every burger is served with a side of fries and a pickle. The “verified humane” or grass-fed organic beef is hand grinded every day and is fantastic.  We ordered it “some pink,” and diners can choose between “some pink” or “no pink.” It was juicy and tender and cooked just the way we wanted it.  It came packed with oozing blue cheese, succulent caramelized onions and a savory bourbon barbeque sauce. The pretzel roll (additional 79 cents) is a delicious substitute for the traditional bun. 

The soft, salty, and buttery deliciousness take the burger to a whole new level. Be careful when eating though, as the beef is loosely packed causing the burger to fall apart a bit. The toppings didn’t help with our scrumptious mess either. There are numerous types of burger options available ranging from beef to turkey to salmon to veggie. Although the restaurant is a burger place, there are numerous vegetarian options and a lot of the menu options can be substituted with a veggie patty.


The fries are a wonderful pair to the burger.  Served piping hot, they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The pickles are also worth trying.  They are perfectly crunchy and juicy.


Plan B has won numerous awards ranging from Connecticut Magazine, to the Hartford Courant, and NBC Connecticut.  They have several locations including Glastonbury and Simsbury. The beer selection is large and constantly changing.  Aside from great burgers, the macaroni and cheese or “mac and jack” as they call it, with pulled pork is a huge hit. We’ve also heard great things about the jalapeño poppers.  The prices aren’t too cheap– the burgers range from $10 to $15 but the portion sizes are massive, so diners get a lot for what you pay for.  Aside from the rude hosts, the waitresses, bartenders, and owners are very nice and attentive. We’d definitely recommend plan B, just be prepared to wait.  Luckily, they do have a take out option for those who don’t want to wait.


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